Boozy RANDY TRAVIS at it again – Texas church parking lot bare knuckle brawl!

Cops came a’running to the Plano Texas church at round 1 AM after reports of a slugfest roused them.

Cops busted up the fight and Travis was removed to the local hospital.

Sources said that Travis was “extremely intoxicated’ and he had appeared to have gotten involved in a domsretic dispute between a husband and wife.

Things reportedly got of control when Randy and the unidentified other street brawler faced off.

Travis was taken to the hospital after the fight. Randy, who a source says, appeared to be “extremely intoxicated” got involved in a “family argument” taking place between a husband and wife, say cops.

Reportedly, Randy was the aggressor in the fight.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Travis has had more than serious problems with booze lately — he went on a boozy naked rampage when cops busted him for DWI after he was found naked in at the scene of a car crash – his own.