NEW DETAILS: Booze crazed RANDY TRAVIS arrested in Sherman, Texas for DWI after he cracked up his car.

Law enforcement said a woozy Travis was collared last night at 11:59 PM after his car crashed. He was found naked and was arrested after failing a sobriety test on suspicion of DWI.

Travis escaped unscathed with only minor cuts and buises that were featured on his butt ugly mugshot. 

He was booked by Grayson, Texas lawmen  on a "retaliation and obstruction" rap which is a felony charge.

Cops say Travis threatened to shoot and kill the troopers who arrested him. Once he was placed in the interior of the police vehicle, officials said, the singer allegedly threatened to "shoot and kill the Troopers working the case."

Travis rode unclothed while transported to the Grayson station.

For his mug shot, officers reputedly gave Travis a shirt to wear and a paper suit to cover his genitalia.

Sadly, it's boozy Randy’s second arrest this year. Randy is NOW out on bail after fans anf plas from the close knit community brought him clothes.

In February, Travis arrested for public intoxication for allegedly drinking in front of a Baptist church.

Travis said he had just gotten into a fight with his girlfriend after doing the Super Bowl Sunday happy dance, according to the police report. Travis later apologized to fans.