Monica Lewinsky believed former President Bill Clinton lied to the grand jury about their affair, a new book reveals. reported yesterday the bawdy White House intern whose Oval Office indiscretions nearly brought down the Clinton Administration told Duquesque Universirt law professor  Ken Gormeley that she believed Bill fibbed.

Gormeley’s new book analyzing the byzantine labyrinth of Monicagate in a 769 page tome The Death of American Virtue, is due on shelves in February .

"There was no leeway on the veracity of his statements because they asked him detailed and specific questions to which he answered untruthfully," Lewinsky wrote the author.

The lurid affair which was first fueled on the internet and then exploded by The ENQUIRER when they revealed Monica’s semen stained blue dress led to Clinton’s 1998 impeachment but was not removed from office.

The book, which Gormley paints unflattering portraits of Clinton and arch nemesis independent counsel. Ken Starr, also claims that Clinton boasted, beating his "disgraced" critics "like a yard dog."

Gormely also writes that Starr’s successor Robert Ray was set to indict the 42nd President after her left office in January 2001 unless Clinton agreed to admit lying under oath about his relationship with Lewinksy.

Ray ultimately relented – or was persuaded – to back down.

"President Clinton would never fully grasp how close he came," Gormley says in the book.