The creator of the popular Bones books and TV series KATHY REICHS is being called to offer expert testimony for the defense in the sensational trial of accused murder mom CASEY ANTHONY!.

Forensics anthropologist and best selling author Kathy Reichs is among the expert witnesses named by Anthony’s defense team.

Reich’s series of Bones book is the basis for the hit Fox series and she’s also an exec producer of the show that stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

Meanwhile, Anthony attorney Cheney Mason told WESH-TV Orlando that the defense team had 15 to 20 volunteers who say they didn’t see the toddler’s remains "exactly on the spot" where they later were found.

 This allegation seems to back up defense contention that someone else dumped the child’s remains in the woods after Anthony was jailed.

Mason says the Anthony defense team will present a full list of witnesses Friday.

Casey, who is accused of murdering her daughter Caylee, remains in police custody under lock-up.  The sensational murder trial is docketed to begin in May.