HUMPHREY BOGART and LAUREN BACALL’s son takes a trip down memory lane aboard the original party boat bawdy “African Queen”.

Stephen Bogart, the son of legendary movie tough-guy Humphrey Bogart and screen siren Lauren Bacall will follow in his father's booze-drenched by boarding the newly refurbished 100 year old steamboat African Queen that made cinema history in 1951.

"I'm going to see it and take a little ride," said Bogart, a 63, a real estate agent, will ply the waters of the Florida Keys since the boat was renovated for a cool $60,000.

Humphrey Bogart won an Academy Award for best actor for his classic portrayal of the gin swilling Charlie Allnut, captain of the African Queen. He was joined in the John Huston adventure film by luminous Katharine Hepburn.

"I think it's a great movie," Bogart said.

His memories of his father are spotty, Bogart admitted, since his dad died from throat cancer when he was 8 years old.

"He wasn't a gin-swilling, roughneck bearded guy," Bogart the younger said. "He liked to drink certainly but he never missed a performance."

His mom, Bacall, 87, lives in New York and is "doing fine" but since her knee replacement surgery is "basically retired,” Bogart divulged.

"From her perspective, being born and having lived the life of Lauren Bacall is not a bad gig if you can get it."