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When former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth was pulled over by Canadian cops, they inadvertently saved the 53 year-old’s life.

Roth was driving erratically near the rural town of Oakland, just south of Ontario Canada, when Ontario Provincial Police Constable Larry Plummer nabbed the 80’s MTV video heartthrob for speeding.

At first OPP thought Roth to be under the influence — he wasn’t.

The aging rocker had suffered a severe allergic reaction – to a peanut.

Plummer and his partner, Chris Thompson, kept Roth calm until paramedics arrived.

The incident which happened a month ago was just made public as the young officers had no idea who Roth was or that he was "famous."

“I was just trying to help him. The guy stuck out like a sore thumb,” Constable Thompson admitted.

“He was wearing a little silk scarf and flashy clothing — it’s not something you see in Oakland too often."

In other words: hair band today, gone tomorrow.