Billy Bob Thornton glammed up for the Golden Globes.

But Billy Bob — better known for the hillbilly chic of his Oscar-winning flick “Sling Blade” — nearly ruined everything when he spent too much time in a tanning booth.

“Billy should have taken a lesson from Tan Man George Hamilton on tanning booth tips,” sniffed an insider.

“The poor guy was beet red when he came out of the Electric Sun Tanning Salon in the early afternoon.

“And when he strolled down the red carpet in his dark suit and natty beret with Angelina at his side, his face had an almost lizard-green pallor.

“Angelina, who flew in that afternoon from a movie set in Canada, looked Hollywood cool in a stunning but subdued strapless black satin dress and an oversized pearl choker with matching earrings.

“And while they kissed and cooed on the red carpet, you could tell Billy Bob was dying to get back into his usual T-shirt and jeans.

“Billy Bob was up for two awards — dramatic actor for ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’ and comedic actor for ‘Bandits.’

“While some people may have thought he was red with embarrassment over losing in both his categories, he was simply . . . overcooked!”