Billy Bob Thornton has not rekindled his romance with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie–it’s just a crazy ploy to get his current lover out of his life! That’s the truth behind recent reports that Billy Bob and Angelina are back together, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.


Billy Bob came up with the convoluted plan because he lost interest in girlfriend Connie Angland, an insider tells The ENQUIRER.

But eccentric Billy Bob didn’t want to kick Connie out of his Beverly Hills mansion.

So instead, he decided to make the special effects artist jealous of Angelina, so she would dump him.

“He no longer loves his girlfriend, but he doesn’t have the heart to tell Connie,” said the insider.

“He’s hoping she’ll leave him.”


Amazingly, when Billy Bob turned to his ex with his scheme–she agreed, the insider said.

“Billy Bob told Angie he felt he did not love Connie,” said an insider. “He asked if she’d help him make Connie jealous so would leave. Angie said O.K.”

The “Tomb Raider” beauty started tongues wagging that she was back with Billy Bob when she took out a gushing, $10,075 ad in the industry trade paper Variety congratulating him on getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last month.

The ad read: “Billy, I love your brilliant mind. Congratulations! With love and respect always, Angie.”


Although Billy Bob’s publicist insists that the actor “still loves Connie and the baby, and they’re all very happy,” the insider said the overly lovey-dovey ad had the desired effect.

“Connie and Billy Bob are now fighting and it’s only a matter of time before Connie leaves,” the insider adds.


Friends are surprised it took this long for Billy Bob to tire of Connie.

Revealed the insider: “Everyone who knows Billy Bob was puzzled when they started dating last year.

“It was obviously some sort of rebound thing after being with the world’s sexiest woman.”