“L is for LOSER” in more ways than one as Biggest Loser Stephanie Anderson discovered.

Steph recently discovered a more than  unwelcome surprise from her hubby of one year, fellow former fattie and show alum  

"Stephanie felt they weren't connecting and decided they should go to counseling," a source said, citing the couple preparing for the birth of their child.

"It was getting dire." 

Suddenly, the truth had come out during one of the counseling sessions. 

Sam confessed hoping to make the situation better, People reported.

"He (confessed) that he had cheated on her with multiple women throughout the course of their courtship and marriage.

“He told her EVERYthing." 


In hindsight, evidence of Sam’s infidelities can be traced back to his Twitter page — which is full of interactions with cute young brunettes who could be a dead ringer for his wife, and there are hints he did more than just chat with them about his favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, noted.

Just a few weeks ago, one young lady asked him why he was inactive on Twitter and he replied, “got rid of it a while ago…IG is trouble…” referring to the social media mobile app Instagram.