KUNAL NAYYAR rocketed to fame as a nerd on “The Big Bang Theory,” but in real life he’s a super babe magnet who’s married to a beauty queen.

The London-born actor of Indian descent, who portrays awkward astrophysicist Rajesh (Raj) Koothrappali, gets a ton of e-mails from hot-to-trot ladies even though he’s happily married to Miss India 2006.

“Kunal portrays a dork, but women just love him,” a set insider told The ENQUIRER.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER TO HIS FANS that he’s off the market. He still receives ‘one-night stand’ offers with no-strings attached – plus plenty of marriage proposals.

“It’s amazing that he still answers all his mail personally and makes it a point to let his adoring fans down gently.”

Nayyar, 31, who married gorgeous Neha Kapur, 28, in December 2011, is also a star attraction on the Internet, where multiple fan websites tout him as a heartthrob and a pinup.

Unlike his nerdy character who is afraid to talk to girls unless he’s drunk, the actor is a flirt and a smooth talker with the ladies, especially with his devoted fans.

“Somehow Kunal has been able to convey his inner sexiness even though he plays one of TV’s geekiest nerds,” said the insider.

“In public he’s very modest and downplays his popularity as a sex object, but he gets a kick out of telling friends back home that in the U.S. he’s considered the Indian Brad Pitt!”