THERE are no secrets be­tween Justin Bieber and his ladylove Selena Gomez – he was on the phone with the tattoo artist while she got her latest ink!

“Justin was excited for Selena and told me they’re both becom­ing tattoo enthusiasts,” the ink man known as Bang Bang told The ENQUIRER.

“But they’ve yet to get tattooed together. For some reason, they think it’s ‘a bad idea.’ ”

Saucy Selena, 20, got her newest tat – Roman numerals for the number 76 on the back of her neck – at Bang Bang’s shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side recently.

Gomez said the ink was “a tribute to a family member,” and later tweeted: “You will never know how much you all mean to me.”

While Selena also has a small music note tattooed on her right wrist, her beau Justin has seven tats, including a small bird in flight on his left hip, a crown on his chest and an image of Jesus on his left leg.

The “76” was the 2nd tat that Bang Bang did for Selena, who’s the voice of vampire Mavis in the new animated blockbuster “Hotel Transylva­nia.” But he says the first one is so intimate that she’s kept it secret.

“The public is not aware that Selena has lettering tattooed on her hip down her thigh, about six inches down,” said Bang Bang, who’s also inked Rihanna, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

“But I don’t have a picture of it because of its location.”