JUSTIN BIEBER’s longtime manager SCOOTER BRAUN says The Beeb needs to chill – in rehab — insider. reported Bieber’s partying, pot smoking and drinking is out of control and Braun is extremely worried about the 19-year-old.

“Justin is hanging out with the wrong people,” the source said.

“It’s been one incident after another with him and Braun has always been very supportive and still is.

“But now Scooter wants him to go to rehab to get his act together.Justin needs to get away from the bad influences in his life.”

Bieber has been smoking a lot of pot, drinking and been involved in numerous incidents. His neighbors are furious at his party lifestyle, and he recently posted a video where his giggling behavior let to rampant speculation that he was high.

Practically every day seems to bring a new misadventure for the teen whose image was once so squeaky clean.

“Justin needs to go to rehab for ALL of his behavior,” the source said. “He needs to get control of his life again, quit smoking pot and partying.”