Rumors swirl, divorce innuendo mounts – will there be a custody battle as well?

AS the rumors swirl about  Beyonce and hubby Jay Z’s crumbling marriage amid whispers of the rap kingpin’s philandering, there now appears to be a new wrinkle.

According to new reports, there may be a custody battle for their daughter, Blue Ivey.

As source said that there had been  been tension between them for a while” and “I thought they were going to get divorced before Blue Ivy was born.”

While the power couple’s day-to-day life is said to be all business and their marketing acumen Blue Ivy is “centerpiece” of their marriage.

Reports also say Jay Z is suspicious of Beyoncé’s close relationship with a member of her security team named Julius de Boer.

Recently, RadarOnline reported that Beyoncé’s security team is searching for a new “Fulltime Executive Protection Officer.” The job posting has some thinking that she could be firing her alleged boyfriend-on-the-side to save her marriage.

De Boer has been present for many of the couple’s awkward interactions, making him an “awkward third wheel” during performances and other events. “The two of them walked off the main stage to a stage at the fifty yard line together,” an eyewitness told Radar.

“But Jay Z walked five feet in front of Beyoncé without looking behind, and it was Julius who carried her train and made sure she got to the stage OK. It was very bizarre.”