Beyoncé is caught up in a family nightmare over claims that her father — who is also her manager — harassed one of her back-up dancers. Mathew Knowles, who has masterminded the “Bootylicious” star’s chart-topping career, may find himself on the unemployment line very soon — as sources say his devastated daughter is talking to her attorneys about firing him over his questionable behavior.

Insiders reveal rumors have been growing in recent months over his increasingly bizarre behavior and his party exploits.

“Mathew Knowles was accused of harassing one of Beyoncé’s dancers and she was livid,” a close family friend revealed.

“Beyoncé talked to her father about it but he denied doing anything out of order and that was good enough for her — for a while.

“Finally, Beyoncé talked to the dancer herself and she told Beyoncé exactly what happened and that she was very uncomfortable being around her father.

“Beyoncé was shocked how detailed the young woman was about her father’s behavior — she knew she was telling the truth.”

The final straw came when the 23-year-old superstar heard from sources that her father was partying at a club in South Beach, Fla.

Destiny’s Child’s rise to fame was a family affair, with Beyoncé’s mom, Tina, making all the stage outfits and her dad making the business decisions.

“Beyoncé is hoping her father understands and that they can continue to have a close father/daughter relationship but she’s worked too hard to allow someone — even her own father — to ruin it all now,” said the insider.

Beyoncé’s spokesperson had no comment on the family rift. Nor did Mathew Knowles’ spokesperson.