Ben Affleck has rebounded from his bust-up with Jennifer Lopez into the arms of gorgeous actress Krista Allen — who’s on the rebound from a failed romance with George Clooney!

Ben and the 32-year-old “Baywatch Hawaii” beauty ran into each other at the poker tables in Las Vegas and wound up in the “Jersey Girl” star’s hotel suite, The ENQUIRER learned exclusively.

And afterward Krista told a friend: “I’ve got Ben smiling again!

“He had to go promote his movie but we’ll be together again as soon as he gets back to Los Angeles.”

Krista broke up with Clooney a few weeks ago after a two-year romance “because he wouldn’t commit to marriage,” her friend told The ENQUIRER.

“She was broken hearted, because she really believed George was the one. She was even prepared to have his baby and was telling friends to expect a wedding announcement soon. When she realized that marriage just wasn’t in George’s plans, she ended the romance — then had a bad case of the blues.

“One of the friends she turned to for comfort was ex-boyfriend David Spade.

“Krista was crying on David’s shoulder, telling him how lonely she was without George, when David suddenly said: ‘Come join me in Vegas for the weekend. You’ll have a good time.'”

Krista flew to Vegas last month and went to Caesars Palace — where 31-year-old Ben was playing poker, the friend revealed.

“Krista and Ben had met before at the World Poker Tournament when he was with Jennifer and Krista was with George. Krista likes the casinos. So when she and David bumped into Ben at Caesars, she took the chair next to him and began playing cards at his table.

“In no time at all, Ben and Krista were flirting. He would lean over and whisper in her ear and she was laughing at his jokes.

“Soon Ben was kissing Krista on her neck and she was giggling.

“After David left, Ben and Krista went out to dinner together, then back to the gambling tables and finally to his suite at the Bellagio.

“A day later, Krista flew back to Los Angeles and was excitedly telling pals, ‘Ben Affleck is wonderful. I needed some fun in my life and Ben certainly supplies that.

“‘He told me that he was sad and alone — till he met me!'” — JOHN SOUTH and ROBIN MIZRAHI