Ben Affleck’s bachelor party with his hometown Boston buddies was canceled after his fiancee Jennifer Lopez threw an angry fit.

“Jennifer warned Ben that one more slipup and the wedding would be off,” a friend of J.Lo told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s still trying to get to the bottom of what exactly happened with Ben and the strippers in Vancouver. She told Ben that any more embarrassing stories about him and that would be it.

“Ben is walking a tightrope with her right now. Despite her public support of him, she’s still very livid behind the scenes.

“Jennifer has Ben on a short leash.”

Last week The ENQUIRER reported that in preparation for his upcoming wedding, Ben and his friends had made plans for his “official” bachelor party to take place in the tourist town of Truro on Cape Cod on the weekend of August 23.

A Truro insider confirmed to The ENQUIRER that Ben had planned to party with nine friends at a Truro hangout called the Blacksmith Shop Restaurant.

“They were going to have a nice dinner there. Then they planned to move on to another location and have a wild send-off for Ben.”

But the party never happened.

“Ben told his friends there would be no party — with strippers or otherwise — and he settled for taking them out for a night at a ball game,” J.Lo’s friend revealed.

Ben left Jennifer in Winnipeg, Canada, where she was filming “Shall We Dance?” to make the trip home in a private jet on August 22.

After landing in Boston, Ben got in a new Mercedes SL500 coupe and drove to his mom Chris’ home in the Cambridgeport neighborhood where he grew up.

Chris wasn’t there — she was at the $675,000 Cape Cod summer home he’d bought for her. Only his younger brother Casey was home when he pulled up at the wood-frame house.

While Ben was unloading his bags from his car, a postal deliverer making her rounds shouted a “Hello!” from across the street.

“Is it like this all the time?” the young woman yelled at Ben, referring to the stripper scandal.

“All the time,” answered Ben.

“I’d kill myself,” said the postal worker.

Ben’s next reply revealed just how heavy a toll his actions have taken on him.

“The thought HAS crossed my mind!” he said.

At 4 p.m. his boyhood friend Marc McGovern showed up with his 6-year-old son Nicolas to go to the Red Sox game at Fenway Park as Ben’s guests.

Three more old friends soon arrived, and everyone headed to the ballpark in a chauffeured GMC Yukon.

At Fenway, Ben threw out the ceremonial first pitch and helped raise money for charity — and also did an interview with a radio station.

Interestingly, when Ben was asked what made him the happiest, he didn’t mention J.Lo. He said it was baseball. “I live and die for it — I really do. It’s my one thing in life.”

After the game Ben returned to his mom’s house. But at 12:30 a.m. he walked 4 1/2 blocks to the Green Street Grille, a funky neighborhood dive. A half-dozen of Ben’s old friends were already there.

He spent about an hour in the bar — and ordered only ice water.

The next afternoon Ben took a helicopter to Cape Cod, to see his mother Chris.

Several relatives and family friends were there for the reunion, including his brother Casey and two bikini-clad young women who wouldn’t reveal their identities to reporters.

On Ben’s return copter flight to Boston on Sunday, his mother went along. And after dinner, Ben drove back to the airport and caught a flight out of town.

But according to 13-year-old fan Lucy Hammer — who got to see her idol up close twice during the weekend — it might not be too long before his next hometown jaunt.

“He gave me a hug and said he’d be back really soon,” Lucy told The ENQUIRER, “and this time J.Lo was coming too!”