BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON‘s shocking scandal that just won’t go away as 
Incendiary wife-swap scenario ignites conflagration of controversy.

Most vexed?

Former New York Yankee Mike Kekich who’s desperate to Bobby Cox block Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s movie The Trade, based on the 1970s brouhaha when he and fellow Yankee hurler Fritz Peterson swapped wives. 

The scintillating scenario unfolded in 1972 after the two pitchers, and old school BFF-ers,  joked about swapping wives.  They actually did it although word of their free love curveball didn’t leak out to the NY tabs — and the rest of the world —  until spring 1973.

Marilyn Peterson moved in with Kekich, but it stuck as well as a split fingered fastball – low and outside.
Fritz Peterson and Susanne Kekich are still married and live in New Jersey and Colorado.

Bosox fanatic Ben Affleck and his bro, Casey, are rewriting a second version of the script and have hired veteran sportswriters to help paint a vivid picture of the rambunctious, free-lovin’ Yanks from that era.

But Kekich, according to reports, who has created a completely new life and family in New Mexico, is refusing to cooperate.
"Kekich is panic-stricken," a source told The NY Post. "He has moved away and has a new identity. He is freaked out that those working on the movie found out where he is. He isn’t too keen on having the scandal dredged up again after all this time.  Other Yankees from that time … are stonewalling."

 "Respect for the Yankees — as an institution?  Disdain. Contempt," Affleck said in a recent interview.
"Guys (eff)ing each others’ wives — that’s THOSE Yankees."