Beyonce Knowles has to choose between the two men she loves most — her father and boyfriend.

Her devoted father Mathew has managed the gorgeous star since the start of her career — but now her longtime boyfriend Jay-Z is trying to grab control, say sources.

And Mathew, who also manages Destiny’s Child, admits he can’t stand the rapper.

“I don’t care for Jay-Z at all,” he told a reporter. “I’m certainly not close to him.”

Revealed a family friend: “From the very beginning Jay-Z and Mathew never got along because he didn’t approve of Jay- Z’s past life.”

Jay-Z allegedly used to sell crack, so Mathew told his daughter not to see him, according to the friend.

“But Beyonce asked her father to give him a chance because Jay had changed his life and was no longer involved in drugs.

“Mathew wanted to see his daughter happy so he allowed them to develop a relationship.

“However, Jay-Z is now starting to make noise that if he were Beyonce’s manager he would handle her — and Destiny’s Child — differently.”

“Jay-Z feels that although Mathew Knowles has done ‘all right’ by his daughter and the other members of Destiny’s Child, he feels he could do much better — making Beyonce a little edgier.”

The rapper wants the singer to get away from her girl-next-door image.

Confided the friend: “Obviously, this leaves Beyonce in a very uncomfortable position with her father and fiance feuding over who will manage her career.

“Beyonce has been seen in tears, trying to figure out how to solve this problem without hurting her father or losing the man she loves.”