From the demented horrors of TV madness Norman Bates’ mother VERA FARMIGA is  REAL horror show – insider.

Cast and crew of the hit horror drama “Bates Mo­tel” think actress Vera Farmiga is as terrifying as the unhinged character she plays on the show!

Blue-eyed Vera, best known for her roles in “The Departed” and “Up in the Air,” has been bossing around the young cast of “Bates Motel,” criticizing and scolding them about their performances, says an insider.

“Vera brings a movie star’s mentality to the set,” explained the source. “She’s running around with the scripts, changing lines, worried about the lighting and really getting into people’s faces to make sure they are prepared.

“She’s even shooed crew mem­bers off the set if she’s heard them chatting while she’s trying to con­centrate. Vera is a perfectionist, but she can be heavy-handed. I think some of the actors are even more scared of her than her character.”

The stunning actress plays Norma Bates, controlling mother of future psycho killer Norman Bates on the A&E network show. “Bates Motel” is a prequel to Al­fred Hitchcock’s hit 1960 horror film “Psycho,” but it takes place in the present day.

At 40, Vera is one of the eldest among the regular cast members, who include Freddie Highmore, 22 – who plays her weird son Norman – Max Thieriot, 25, Olivia Cooke, 20, and Nicola Peltz, 19. The Oscar-nominated actress, who’s worked with such esteemed directors as Martin Scorsese and Jason Reit­man, insists she isn’t on the set to be anyone’s “favorite auntie.”

“Her character is scary,” the source added, “and she figures it doesn’t hurt if the other actors are a little fearful of her when the cameras stop rolling, too.”