BARBRA STREISAND and SETH ROGEN more than meets the eye in cougar-crazed tinseltown?

Babs and Seth really hit it off while filming their new movie – because the diva reminded him of his own mom!

“They have a lot of common ground,” said Rogen, about his mom Sandy and Barbra, his co-star in the comedy “The Guilt Trip.”

“My mom was a hippie…more like (Barbra’s) character in ‘Meet the Fockers.’ And she talks about sex way too much. She will literally post on her Facebook about pap smears she just got!”

In his latest film, Seth, 30, plays an inventor who goes on a cross-country road trip with his mom (Streisand) as he tries to sell a new product and reunite her with a long-lost love.

Barbra told an interviewer that her own son Jason, 45, suggested she do the movie after the two read the script out loud together. And it didn’t take long for the 70-year-old showbiz legend to bond with her screen son Seth.

“Seth is a good Jewish boy who loves his parents like crazy,” said a close source. “Barbra really loved that about him.”

Seth’s parents were very supportive of his career, and he returned the favor when he got his big break on the TV show “Freaks and Geeks,” just as his father was losing his job.

“The family relocated to Los Angeles, and Seth paid for everything even though he was only a teen,” said the source. “When Barbra heard that story, she was moved to tears and told him, ‘You make me proud to work with you!’

“She began calling him ‘Sonny Boy’ on and off the set. They felt like it was a true mother-son relationship.”