As BARBARA EDEN became a TV icon on I Dream of Jeannie, her private life was anything but dreamy. Hollywood fame came at the cost of personal heartache and tragedy.

From her two failed marriages to the death of her only child, the star is telling her anguishing story in a heartbreaking memoir – Jeannie Out of the Bottle  due to be pubb’ed next year.

Despite her success on TV, Barbara, now 75, says she longed for what she didn’t have – a happy family life, the source revealed.

When she finally became pregnant after marrying actor Michael Ansara, she suffered a miscarriage.

Her second pregnancy produced her son, Matthew, in 1965.

Barbara’s third pregnancy ended abruptly in 1971 when she delivered a stillborn baby six weeks before her due date.

Barbara had an emotional breakdown, she reveals.

And her son, Matthew, who started smoking pot at 10 began shooting heroin.

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