Real Housewives of New York” star Sonja Morgan is renting out her beloved Upper East Side townhouse, getting a whopping $25,000 a month to pay the back taxes on it until she can sell it.

The house has been on the market for months, the NY Daily News reported.

Morgan paid $9.1 million for the 4,500-square-foot house in 1998. After listing it for $9.25 million, she cut the price to $7.25 million. Morgan later took it off the market, saying she decided to keep the house.

In 2010 Morgan was forced to declare bankruptcy after she was sued by Hannibal Pictures, a production company, for allegedly failing to raise the cash for a film to have starred John Travolta.

Sonja, had hoped to have the judgment thrown out, but a judge upheld a $7 million settlement to Hannibal.  The film production company then put a lien on Morgan’s assets including the house.

In 2011 a federal court upheld the judgment after Morgan appealed her case

So, what can a poor girl do? She ain’t playing in a rock’n’roll band.

The ex-wife of JP Morgan heir. John Morgan, is renting out her townhouse for $25K a month.

Meanwhile her cast-mates are quivering in fear that the “reality” show is about to be canned because of low ratings.

But a Bravo exec pooh-poohed THAT claiming that RHONY has been off the air for over a year and a half and needs some traction and some wine tossing to reinvigorate the flagging franchise.

However with so many “Real” Housewives running amuck, it’s hard to tell the poseurs without a scorecard.