A Colorado judge sentenced Richard and Mayumi Heene — the parents of Balloon Boy Falcon Heene — to jail for their Oct. 15 hoax.

Richard was sentenced to 90 days in the slammer including 60 days of work release that will let him pursue his job as a construction contractor while serving his time. Mayumi was sentenced to 20 days in jail.

Richard and Mayumi also received community service (100 hours and 120 hours, respectively), and are barred from profiting financially in any way from the incident for at least four years. The couple, who appeared on ABC’s Wife Swap, are also on four years probation.

"I do want to reiterate that I’m very, very sorry. And I want to apologize to all the rescue workers out there and the people that got involved in the community. That’s it,” Richard told the court on Wednesday.

Richard is expected to start a 30-day jail term on Jan. 11 and then serve the remaining 60 days of his jail term under work release, so he can work during the day but spend his nights in jail. Mayumi will do her time after her husband completes his sentence.