LATEST 10/18/09:The cops confirm The ENQUIRER’s fast breaking declaration of HOAX! after Balloon Boy was found in his attic last Thursday and NOW  Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden has made it official. 

Balloon Boy was indeed a hoax and Falcon Heene‘s parents will be probably be charged with a variety of crimes including multiple felonies and presented a bill for the expenses incurred by the county as officials searched for the six-year-old.

PREVIOUSLY on Balloon Boy:

Balloon Boy chokes on TV interview as Falcon Henne admits "we did it for show" after being found hiding in a box above family garage!

"Apparently the boy’s been there the whole time. He’s been hiding in cardboard box in the attic above the garage," Sheriff Jim Alderden told a waiting world yesterday.

Schoolboy prank that panicked America or something MORE? Like Hoax. Balloon Boy said so himself to Wolf Blitzer on CNN(below).

EARLIER Authorities had scoured the skies Thursday for a 6-year-old boy who unhooked the Heaney family’s experimental balloon-powered aircraft and floated away from home nar Ft. Collins, Colorado, officials said.

On Thursday morning, according to the family and officials, the boy got onto the aircraft, which is approximately 20 feet by 5 feet and covered in tin foil, and detached the rope holding it in place.

Several people in the neighborhood said they saw the aircraft floating over their homes and some snapped pictures.  

Police searched the Heaney house to make sure he wasn’t in the house and he is believed to have been in the runaway craft when it was launched.

NEW DETAILS: Falcon Heene is the son of Richard and Mayumi Heene of Ft. Collins, Colo. Richard Heene is a storm chaser and amateur "psycientist detective". The couple has twice appeared on the ABC show Life Swap.
Sheriff’s spokesperson Kathy Davis had told reporters that Richard Heene was inside his home and had been told by his older son that the balloon took off with Falcon.  Local news streamed the "drama" LIVE as it unfolded all over the internet.

BONUS Balloon Boy’s Rusty Venture-like mad scientist "detective" dad Richard IS convinced there’s life on Mars as "evidenced" below. Just another "happenstance" day in Heene land.