Published on: February 21, 2001

BAD-BOY rapper Eminem is a big sissy -- he has to sleep with the lights on!

So says an insider who spent time in hotels with the trash-talking gangster music star while he was touring.

"Eminem is a baby," the insider told The ENQUIRER.

"He tries to paint himself a tough guy, but in fact he's a scared little boy.

"He sleeps with the lights on and is afraid of the dark."

What's more, Eminem -- who was arrested for pistol-whipping a man -- often cries like a baby, according to the tell-all biography "Shady Bizzness" by former bodyguard Byron Williams.

"I saw him cry for the first time in Boston when he couldn't deal with the pressure of the tour. It was a sad sight," said Williams.

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