GOOD MORNING AMERICA JOSH ELLIOT read the riot act over his disruptive behavior.

Elliot reportedly spoke with ABC execs last week about his disruptive behavior with the staff, most notably his tempter tantrums over scripts he considers to be subpar.

“He’s being gossiped about in the media, and Josh is lashing out in a passive-aggressive way,” a source told the NY Post. “They’re concerned about his behavior and trying to come up with a game plan."

Elliott, the former co-anchor of ESPN’sSportsCenter, is "a popular anchor, and they want to stop the gossip on developing his talent.”

A separate source told the NY tab the powwow was "was to provide support for him, not a dressing down," adding the tone "was constructive and supportive.”

An ABC source told the paper the meeting was "to talk about what kind of series the execs would like Josh to work on, and ramping up some additional editorial support for him.

"This was an editorial meeting, period.”

Elliott been romantically linked to WABC-TV anchor Liz Cho, reported.

A show insider said Josh "has major, major issues with women" dating back to a "difficult childhood.

"If viewers could see what he was like off the air, people would be truly shocked."