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WARNING! Stripper Gwen Rogers wants all the girls competing for Byron Velvick on “The Bachelor” to know he’s a heartless, lying creep who promised to marry her and then dumped her to do the show.

The buxom nude dancer and Internet model charges that the professional bass fisherman hooked her by promising a future together. He romanced her, talked about having kids together and even took her home to meet his family, she told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

Amazingly, she had no idea he dumped her until she turned on the TV and saw him as the new “Bachelor” on the season premiere September 22!

“My 11-year-old daughter Cheyanne had just tuned in to ‘The Bachelor.’ All of a sudden she shrieked, ‘Mommy, Byron’s on television. He’s the new bachelor!'” a distraught Gwen told The ENQUIRER.

“I literally thought I was going to die. Byron ripped my heart out. I was dumbfounded, blown away, shocked!”

Gwen–a nude dancer at the Camelot Show Bar, in Washington, D.C.–says she fell for the charismatic fisherman hook, line and sinker–and disclosed the steamy details of their eight-month relationship.

She says Byron went to great lengths to capture her heart and she was preparing to marry him when reality came crashing down on her. “I was about to sell my house and move to Nevada to be with Byron,” Gwen told The ENQUIRER.

“He vowed he was ready to marry and be a loving stepfather to my daughter Cheyanne. We also planned to have children together. We even picked out names–Cheris if we had a girl, and Tristin if we had a boy.”

Their sizzling romance began with a chance encounter at a bar in Chicago’s O’Hare airport on Sept. 21, 2003. Gwen says she met Byron at an airport bar while waiting for a plane.

“Before I left to board my flight, I stood up and flashed my boobs at Byron! Then I walked away quickly, laughing,” she recalled.

The handsome bass fisherman took the 36DD bait.

“He came running after me,” recalled Gwen, “and asked for my phone number.” Soon after, he called to invite her to spend her 35th birthday with him and she accepted.

Gwen says she flew to Nevada for a weekend rendezvous with Velvick on Oct. 7, 2003–and they made passionate love.

“From the get-go, he was talking about us having kids together,” says Gwen. “When it was time for me to fly back to D.C., after three days with him, I realized I was falling in love.”

When she arrived home, an email from Byron was waiting for her. He wrote:

“Hey beautiful: It’s only been an hour since your departure and I’m missing you, heading eastbound at 900 miles per hour, your return to D.C. came much too soon. I just wanted to say goodnight, let you know I’ll dream of you, and thank you for coming to see my world and my life…I will, in short, be seeing you and your life in D.C. Until then, all my love and kisses.”

Velvick flew east to celebrate Halloween with Gwen and to escort her to a friend’s black-tie wedding.

“For Halloween, we dressed as a pimp and his ‘ho,'” Gwen told The ENQUIRER.

“And the wedding was the most romantic night of my life. We danced, drank champagne and shared long kisses. Byron looked into my eyes and said, ‘I love you.'” From then on, the lovers spoke to each other on the phone at least once a day and bombarded each other with e-mails, says Gwen.

In early November, she says she went with Byron to Huntington Beach, Calif., to meet his mother Joan and sister Jamal. Velvick also spent Thanksgiving with her family, according to Gwen, and for Christmas he gave her an expensive Tiffany bracelet and a Prada bag, hat and scarf. He gave her daughter Cheyanne a pink fishing rod.

The couple spent New Year’s Eve in Palm Springs, where Velvick threw a big bash that soon turned wild–giving Gwen a look at his kinky side, she told The ENQUIRER.

The exotic beauty claims she and Byron went skinny-dipping in a Jacuzzi, along with two other girls–and it soon turned into a sex scene. Playboy Playmate Christi Shake, who attended the celebration, confirmed to The ENQUIRER that Gwen and Byron were intimate while others looked on.

“The last time I heard from Byron was the beginning of June,” Gwen told The ENQUIRER. She says she’s finally figured out why Velvick didn’t return her calls in June–he was isolated, taping “The Bachelor.”

“For a time, Byron was a breath of fresh air, a charmer and a gentleman,” says Gwen. “But when his big shot at TV came along, he dumped me like trash. And that hurts.”