Conniving COURTNEY ROBERTSON finagled her way into the winner’s circle on “The Bach­elor” by scamming BEN FLAJNIK with a tearful pregnancy con job!

The 28-year-old model planned to seduce Ben and then tell him she was expecting his child. But her attempts to bed him failed, so she cooked up an­other devious scheme, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

With the cameras off, a teary Courtney made a sympathy play for Ben’s heart, confessing that she wanted to bear his child after being haunted by a tragic miscar­riage – and Ben bought her weepy story, hook, line and sinker!

“Courtney played the game to win, with no holds barred, but this was her lowest trick of all,” a show insider told The ENQUIRER.

“She told Ben a miscarriage that she’d suffered years ago left her depressed and feeling empty inside. Then she told him, ‘All I’ve ever wanted is to be a great mother and wife, and with you, I know I’d be both.’

Courtney hoped her sob story would help them form an emotional bond, and it worked! Ben told her, ‘I really feel your pain, and I’m honored you feel close enough to share this with me.’

“But here’s the catch – her story was a lie! Courtney never lost a baby by miscarriage!”

The scheming brunette ini­tially tried to get Ben alone so she could seduce him, stripping down for a late-night skinny dip in Puerto Rico and going topless in Panama while flirtatiously telling Ben: “I’m in room 1611.”

Although he was definitely inter­ested, Courtney never got the chance to consummate her ploy.

With her pregnancy ruse foiled, calculating Courtney fell back on plan B, the sources said.

“She told Ben, ‘I’ve never met anyone like you. I’ve come to see what a wonderful man you really are, and you’ve shown me what real love is,’” the insider revealed.

“Then Courtney really laid it on thick, telling Ben, ‘Being with you and having our children would be a dream come true for me. Having your baby would make me the happiest woman in the world!’”

The flattery turned Ben’s head, and the 29-year-old winemaker from California continued to keep Court­ney on the show, said the source.

Courtney came into the competi­tion with a reputation for being a liar and gold-digger who’d report­edly been deeply involved with a rich man in his 50s. She was also said to have dumped a more recent young beau, model and photojournalist Dylan Hall, when she discovered he made less money than she thought.

In an interview, Dylan admitted that Courtney broke his heart and said he believes Courtney’s attraction for Ben is “a complete lie.”

Pals say that the brunette vixen is good at disguising her manipulative, mean-spirited personality by playing a sweet, girl-next-door type, and she apparently hooked Ben with that act.

“According to everyone who’s had anything to do with Courtney, it’s just a matter of time before Ben realizes just how treacherous Courtney can be,” added the insider.

“Courtney is no blushing bride-to-be. She’s a man-eater with a lot of mileage on her. But what Ben doesn’t know is that she’s like a black widow – once she gets a man in her web, she sinks her fangs in him and ends the relationship. It’s all about the catch for her.”