Bachelor Jake Pavelka is in for a big surprise when he meets his future mother-in-law!

Tina Scott, 41, mom of the show’s resident vixen Vienna Girardi, 23,  – who got the final rose – is a marijuana-smoking, trailer-living blonde who ekes out a living selling boiled peanuts on the side of a Florida highway.

"Tina loves to smoke weed and drink Mountain Dew. And her friends are a bunch of scraggly men who sit around near the peanut stand smoking pot with her," said a source close to Tina.

"Vienna never mentions her mom on the show. Sure, she’s embarrassed by what she does, but there’s another reason – she thinks her mom will make a play for Jake!

"And if Jake visits her mother, he’ll be surprised to find out he’ll be sleeping on the sofa in her double-wide trailer.

"Tina will surely give him all the free peanuts he wants. It’s going to be a shock for Jake.

"Marrying Vienna could destroy his clean-cut image – especially with a pot-smoking mother-in-law like Tina."

Tina divorced Vienna’s dad, Vinnie Girardi, and married Paul Scott, a sometime handyman. The couple lives in a dilapidated trailer behind Tina’s ramshackle peanut stand, located along Highway 46 in Geneva, Fla.

Tina sells plain and Cajun-flavored peanuts, along with Mountain Dew and other soft drinks. Taped to the stand is a local newspaper article about Vienna being a contestant on The Bachelor.

When asked by The ENQUIRER why Vienna has never mentioned her on The Bachelor, Tina said: "My daughter is not intrigued by what I do. Not every daughter’s mom sells peanuts by the side of the road."

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