The Bachelor hunk BEN FLAJNIK as you’ve NEVER seen him!

In an effort to sex-up his mild-mannered, milquetoast image, “The Bachelor” star Ben made a rude, crude music video!

The raunchy tape, called “Cream Dreams,” includes his foul-mouthed boasts about fulfilling a woman’s sexual fantasies and a shocking mastur­bation scene.

But the hokey stunt that was shot last spring backfired now that Ben is center stage on the reality show, and the 28-year-old hunk is red-faced over the video that shows him goofing around as a hot, ’90s-style lover.

“‘How could I have been so stupid?’ ” a pal recalled Ben moaning to him.

“He said he looks like a creepy horse’s a**! This video is bound to go down in history as one of the most pathetic attempts of a Hollywood newcomer to break into the big-time.”

The low-budget video features Ben as a slick Lothario decked out in a long-haired wig, dark glasses and mustache. He calls himself the “Storm Horse” and croons a dirty off-key ditty with more f-bombs than a gangsta rapper!

The video was produced by former friends of the Sonoma County, Calif., winemaker at a company called Forgery Films.

“The whole thing was shot like a cheap ‘guerilla video’ by Ben and some pals in Northern California in an effort to shred his nice-guy image on ‘The Bachelorette’ last season,” explained the pal. “It’s really just Ben’s lame attempt at copying the Emmy-winning video of Justin Timberlake and comic Andy Samberg doing a bawdy tune on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

“In one painful-to-watch scene, Ben appears to be pleasuring him­self under the covers. It’s supposed to be funny, but it’s just vulgar and crude!

“Ben was hoping that it would make him look ‘edgy.’ Instead, he comes off looking like a foul-mouthed idiot!”

The pal adds that Ben was up­set when the video first surfaced against his wishes on the Internet last June.

“Now that he’s on ‘The Bachelor,’ Ben doesn’t want fans seeing the embarrassing video,” said the pal.

 “But it’s too late – his big mistake is on the Internet for ALL to see!”