FORMER “Ally McBeal” star Courtney Thorne-Smith’s “fairy-tale” marriage to a dashing scientist blew sky-high after only seven months because he refused to father the baby she desperately wants, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Last year we broke the news that the 33-year-old actress — who played Georgia Thomas for three seasons — tied the knot on June 2 with genetic researcher Andrew Conrad. Now just months later, she’s dumped him and moved out of their Malibu home a couple of weeks ago.

With her marriage in tatters, the stunning star has moved back into her premarriage Brentwood Hills home which she’d never sold, and the ex-“Melrose Place” actress is regularly attending AA meetings to help with her addiction to booze.

It’s a weird tale — even by Hollywood standards!

“Courtney made it clear from the beginning that she wanted a baby, and Andrew kept saying all in good time,” a close friend told The ENQUIRER.

“But a few months after they were married, she began to force the issue — and Andrew flatly said he didn’t want children. Courtney hit the roof.”

The problem was magnified by the fact that Courtney is a deeply religious, spiritual person while her husband is a matter-of-fact scientist and an atheist, said the friend.

And the talented actress has also complained that Andrew is a tightwad who “rarely reached for his wallet.”

The AA support group helped open her eyes — convincing her that she and Andrew are on two different paths in life, says her friend.

Adding to her embarrassment, a national magazine that’s not on top of the news like The ENQUIRER just hit the stands with an issue featuring her wedding!

InStyle magazine couldn’t be more out of date. It spotlights a six-page spread focusing on Courtney’s nuptials in an issue about storybook weddings!

Added another source close to the couple: “The dissolution of Courtney’s marriage to Andrew has been an intense blow to her.

“She so desperately wanted to have children with him — at one point, she even talked about building a nursery in their Malibu home.

“When he finally admitted to her that he didn’t want kids, it was devastating. As Courtney put it to a pal, ‘It was like a knife through my heart.’

“She said she realized they could never go on as a couple.”


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