Avril Lavigne‘s wild, wild boozy sexy night!

Pop-rocker Avril Lavigne got  tongues wagging  when the Canadian thrush was spied  passionately making out with a mystery man at the Gramercy Park Hotrel’s bar last night, RadarOnline.com reports.

Lavigne was lit up as she lounged on a couch with pals, downing Belvedere Vodkas as she was perched next to a handsome mystery man. 

The recently divorced Avril got her hormones hopping as she leapt on the lucky fella and began swapping spit with him.

The recipient of Avril’s canoodle fest then  ordered a bottle of champagne, which she sipped from in between tongue diving.

Radar’s sources saw the Sk8ter Boi singer exchanging numbers with her bar partner around by 2 A.M.

Wonder if she’ll pick up when he calls or even remember?