Arkansas anchorwoman Anne Pressley, KATV ,who played a newscaster in Oliver Stone‘s new biopic W died yesterday a St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center after a violent home invasion.

Her death came after a day docs were enthusiastic about her recovery.

Cops still aren’t sure if she was a random victim or if her high profile visibility invited attack by stalker.

"(It) is possible that it is something other than robbery," police spokeswoman Cassandra Davis revealed.

"Our detectives are talking with co-workers because she was a public figure, because she was on the news, in the media."

The blonde anchorwoman, 26, was found battered and unresponsive in her bed after failing to respond to a wakeup call from her mom.

Pressley won a role in the Stone pic after traveling to Shreveport, Louisiana to document the filming for her TV show.  She appears as a Conservative flack who comments on the infamous "Mission Accomplished" statement made by President George W. Bush.

The last known contact made with the late TV star was after she had texted a friend after viewing the film. Police are canvassing station employees in search of a motive.

KATV opened their nightly news Saturday with a 7 minute segment devoted to Pressley.

"Life was easy for Anne Pressly" anchor Pamela Smith told viewers. "But it is her death that is so very hard for all of us."