Ashton Kutcher has made the startling confession that he once considered committing suicide. The 27-year-old actor, who’s been in a long-term relationship with actress Demi Moore, 42, revealed the thought of taking his own life occurred when his twin brother Michael was near death. They were 13 at the time.

Michael had developed the heart disease cardiomyopathy and needed a heart transplant. It was during the 48-hour wait for a donor heart to become available that Ashton said he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Incredibly, he said he was out on a hospital balcony, ready to jump. He believed that doctors could take his healthy heart and give it to his brother.

Ashton said in an interview: “I’m standing on the balcony… and my dad comes out and says, ‘What are you thinking about?’ I tell him. He comes over and says, ‘You can’t do that.’ Right then the doctors come rushing out and say… ‘There’s a heart on the way.’ “

Michael went on to have a successful transplant. Today, he’s newly married and lives a quiet life — much unlike Ashton’s present life with Demi in Hollywood.

The National Enquirer traveled to Iowa to learn more about the Kutcher brothers’ incredible story.

In a rare admission about the incident, Michael told us: “I appreciate my brother for all that he’s done for me. We are very close, and I owe him my life.

“My heart transplant is well known but I don’t want to get into the very deep personal issues surrounding it. You’ll have to talk to Ashton to find out what he was thinking during that time. I can’t speak for him.”

According to friends, this experience changed Ashton’s outlook on life forever. Said a former classmate of the Kutchers: “This is why Ashton’s such a practical joker, because the thought of losing his brother made him realize you have to live each day like it’s your last.”

Another school pal, Kelly Eggers, told The National Enquirer: “Ashton and Michael were extremely close in high school. It’s strange how two fraternal twin brothers could be so different. To this day I think this makes Ashton feel guilty about his blessed life and the cards that were dealt to his brother but he loves him dearly.”