BRITTNEY JONES, who claimed she romped with ASHTON KUTCHER on the couch at his Hollywood mansion, secretly negotiated the release of a porn video. reports that despite waging a legal battle to bar a porn producer from releasing her sex tape, Brittney, 21, shopped herself to Vivid Entertainment in October!

While Jones had insisted that she didn’t the tape released, two months earlier she had been actively negotiating a $50,000 agreement to release an XXX herself.

What’s more, the brunette fame whore had even secured a slice of the tape’s total profits.

 "The talks began in mid-October and were between Brittney, her talent manager, publicist and Vivid," a source said.

"She was offered an iron clad commitment of at least $50,000 as an advance on future profits and an additional 30 percent cut of gross sales.

 "Brittney was very interested in having the tape go to the market — she believed it could launch her career."

Vivid said it planned to release the tape, titled Brittney Jones Confidential, on December 29, despite Jones and Kutcher’s threats to sue the pants off the porn producer!