ASHLEY OLSEN is jealous over SCARLETT JOHANSSON’s relationship with her ex-BF, “Hangover” star Justin Bartha.
 Scarlett, 26, was barely on the market for a month after her breakup with Sean Penn when she began cozying up to Justin, 33, say sources.
“I think Ashley was definitely seeing red over Scarlett and Justin,” said a source close to the former “Full House” cutie.
Even though reps for both Scarlett and Justin insist the two are “just friends,” Ashley, 25, isn’t buying that for a minute, said the source.
“After all, that’s what her people said about Scarlett and Sean – and they were hot and heavy for five months. Ashley is convinced that Scarlett’s got her hooks into Justin, and it’s driving her mad with jealousy!”
On July 16, Scarlett attended a New York preview of Bartha’s off-Broadway play “All New People” – and the pair were photo­graphed together backstage. They’ve also been spotted out on the town.
“Ashley loved Justin,” said the source. “They dated for nearly three years and she thought they would marry. She was devastated when they broke up five months ago because he wasn’t ready to settle down.
"I think Ashley is still carrying a torch for him.”