In the latest shocking incident marking her descent into Showbiz Hell, Ashlee Simpson ran sobbing from a Melrose Avenue boutique – devastated after a public hiss-anddis ambush by a howling gang of vicious teens! Ashlee was already reeling from the agony of her lip-synching debacle on “Saturday Night Live,” fans booing her at the Orange Bowl, the hate-mongering Web site – and that creepydaddy” manager who made America cringe with comments about Big Sis Jessica Simpson’s Big Breasts, a la . . . “She’s got double-D’s! You just can’t cover those suckers UP!” But amazingly, Li’l Sis Ashlee endured it all – until the scary Melrose encounter! Out shopping with two femme pals, she’d just entered Red Balls boutique when four late-teen girls spotted her, let out a whoop and ran inside! Ashlee grinned ear-to-ear, figuring they were fans wanting autographs, then recoiled like she’d been slapped when Mean Girl #1 shrieked, “You’re a FAKER!” Pale and speechless, she stood paralyzed as the leering gang howled insults – then turned and ran sobbing as Mean Girl #2 spit this mega-nasty in her face: “You have NO talent, Ashlee . . . and you’re not as pretty as your sister!” The Witches of Melrose cackled as one of Ashlee’s pals screamed, “Look what you’ve done . . . I hope you’re happy now!” As they escorted the tear-streaked thrush back to her car, my earwitness heard Ashlee wail, “I don’t know if I can take much more of this . . . it sucks . . . it REALLY SUCKS!” Welcome to The Jungle, little girl.”