CASEY ANTHONY defense lawyer JOSE BAEZ jets to Aruba to help defend ROBYN GARDNER prime suspect GARY GIORDANO!
As The ENQUIRER reported Baez gained instant notoriety for his brazen defense of accused murder mom Casey Anthony trial, which concluded with a shocking not guilty verdict.
Baez had only been practicing for three years and had tried one death penalty case before he was hired by the notorious ‘Tot Mom,’ although he has handled five murder cases.
Although Baez is not licensed to practice law in Aruba nor will he be able to argue the case court, Baez will serve as advisor, assisting the defense, Giordano's Aruban lawyer, Michael Lopez.
"If my client wants me to share all information with Baez, I will do so, even though his role will be that of a consultant," Lopez told AP.
Giordano, who hails from Gaithersburg, Md., has been in custody since August 5; he was arrested by Aruba authorities as he attempted to leave the island.
At this time, he has not been charged with any wrongdoing in connection with the disappearance of his travel partner, Robyn Gardner, whom he had met online.
Although Gardner remains missing, authorities have said they presume she is dead, reported as New Video Surfaces of Robyn Gardner & Gary Giordano the Day Before She Vanished.