ARNOLD: “OK TO SMOKE” thumbnail

The Govenator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger denounced anti-smoking campaigners who want to rid wanna-be Bogies from smoking stogies in flicks.

Arnold, a cigar aficionado, insists filmgoers – especially kiddies, should be warned about the health dangers of tobacco addiction but argues filmmakers should be allowed to exercise artistic freedom – especially when films are set in the past.

"I personally don’t believe that we should erase cigarettes in movies. I don’t believe that we should erase when someone smokes a cigar in a movie," The Last Action Hero told Fox News.

"To all of the sudden tell actors not to smoke a cigarette in a movie when they portray a character … is ludicrous.

"I think this is going too far," Schwarzenegger stated.

One wonders what Paul Newman would say about that?