LANCE ARMSTRONG is desperately trying to salvage what’s left of his ruined reputation by attacking three new movies about him.

The disgraced cycling champ is pulling strings to torpedo one picture that began filming Oct. 18 and is trashing the upcoming documentary “The Armstrong Lie” as well as the Bradley Cooper-produced feature film, “Red Blooded American.”

But an insider says that the  42-year-old pedal-pusher, who was stripped of his Tour de France wins, is most upset about the still-untitled indie movie that’s filming now and stars Ben Foster.

“This movie is getting a huge amount of interest, and Lance has been asking all his powerful friends, including (designer) Tory Burch, Ben Stiller and Matt McConaughey, to sniff around to find out just how bad it’s going to be,” revealed an insider.

“He wants them to warn off poten­tial investors and distributors, but it’s not looking good. People are not in the mood to do any favors for Lance.”

Friends like Robin Williams and sponsors including Nike, Nissan and RadioShack have been abandoning Arm­strong in droves ever since massive evidence in 2012 showed he was lying when he vigorously denied using performance-enhancing drugs and doping.

“Lance has to face the cold facts – he repeatedly lied and embarrassed his country,” said the source. “And now he’s whining about it. As much as he would like, he cannot erase history. “