TRAGEDY-plagued Annette Funicello is reeling from a heartbreaking new crisis – she’s being isolated from her children and grandchildren by her controlling second husband, say sources.

The former “Mickey Mouse Club” star, 70, is virtually cut off from her loved ones by her devoted caregiver hubby Glen Holt, 82, who relocated the couple from Los Angeles to rural Bakersfield after their house burned to the ground in March 2011.

Nearly 30 years ago, “Annie” – as she is called by her family – was di­agnosed with chronic, progressive multiple sclerosis. Today, the ’60s Hollywood princess, who is famous for her films with Frankie Avalon, is wheelchair-bound and cannot speak, move or even swallow as a result of the ravaging disease.

“Annie’s been an MS prisoner for years, and now her loved ones can’t see her because she lives so far away,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

Two of her three children by first husband Jack Gilardi – as well as her grandkids – live in Los Angeles, approximately 120 miles from her new Bakersfield home.

“It’s terribly sad,” said the insider. “I think the family feels like they’ve lost her all over again.”

Sources agree that Glen is a dedicated caretaker to his helpless wife, who is fed through a tube and communicates by blinking her eyes. But some also say he’s isolated her from her kids as if he wants them out of their life.

“Annie and Glen live out in the sticks on a ranch,” said the insider. “It’s like she’s being held captive.

“In my opinion, Glen has always resented that Annette and (her ex-husband) Jack maintain a great relationship because of the kids. They worked hard to keep the family bonded and were always together for holidays.

“Now Glen calls all the shots. He’s not sharing her with the people who love her most.”