TERROR as ANNE HATHAWAY caught in deadly riptide, nearly drowns, saved by surfer!

Anne had more than a super scary moment while vacationing in Hawaii

Eyewitnesses say the 31 year old beauty braved the terrors of the deep when she was caught in a swirling, dangerous riptide while swimming in the Pacific.

 The strong current began to unearth a powerful  aquatic pull on the Les Miz beach bunny.

As the water lashed her frail form, witnesses say she screamed for help!

Thankfully, a near-by surfer braved the raging ocean and quickly saved her.

Anne’s hubby Adam Shulman quickly grabbed a first-aid kit as his wife was pulled out of the water.

Other than a banged up foot Anne was apparently OK.

The hero surfer was nowhere to be found after saving the popular star.

Anne’s hubby then performed clean-up duties on her wounded foot.