Tennis beauty Anna Kournikova has finally come clean about the rumors surrounding her “marriage” to hunky pop star Enrique Iglesias. And the tennis pro’s male fans, who believed the sexy Russian was off the market following two years of reports that she had secretly wed, will be thrilled to hear Anna hasn’t ruled out marrying someone else.

Asked if she had wed the 30-year-old singer, Anna, 24, joked in an interview: “Four times — I think once in Mexico, once in the Dominican. Witnesses saw me in long-sleeved wedding dresses, looking really lovely. But I have no idea what they’re talking about.”

She added: “I think every girl wants to get married some day. But as to who, that’s a tough question. Who knows? Of course, 20 years from now I see myself married with children. It’s not something I’m thinking about right now. Whatever happens happens.”

Anna also played down suggestions that the silver band she wears on her left hand is a wedding ring. “I don’t know [why I wear it], because I like jewelry. Does it look like a wedding band? People see what they want.”

Anna threw further doubt over the seriousness of her relationship with Enrique by insisting the female attention he gets doesn’t make her jealous. Asked if women ever threw themselves at her boyfriend, she laughed: “I hope so.” Anna also suggested she has no immediate plans to settle down after failing to rule out a tennis comeback. She said: “I miss the adrenaline rush. I miss the amazing matches.”

Hopeful suitors, start forming a line — as far as Anna’s heart is concerned, it’s not game, set and match just yet.