Pals fear $49 million payday for ANNA NICOLE SMITH’s kid spells BIG trouble for little DANNIELYNN.

 AN incred­ible wind­fall is about to drop into the lap of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, but those close to the little girl fear the newfound fortune could ultimately destroy her, says an insider.

Family friends of 6-year-old Dannielynn Birkhead are scared that a huge court judgment in her favor could propel the Guess Kids model down the same destructive path that led to the death of her hard-partying, beauty-queen mom at age 39.

Dannielynn is ALREADY spoiled,” a source close to the family told The ENQUIRER. “She has closets filled with hundreds of dresses and shoes, and her dad buys her everything she wants. The new pile of money could spell doom.”

Dannielynn and her father Larry Birkhead have been in the center of a nasty legal battle over the estate of Anna Nicole’s late husband, billionaire J. Howard Marshall II, who died only a year into their marriage.

In late May, a federal judge blasted the estate of Marshall’s deceased son, Pierce, for using underhanded legal tactics, and awarded damages to Dannielynn.

The judge has not yet set an amount, but legal sources predict she’ll rake in $49 million or more.

Phil Boesch, lawyer for Anna Nicole’s estate, told The ENQUIRER: “Dannielynn and her father are very happy.”

But the close source expressed concern that the tyke will eventu­ally follow in the footsteps of her tragic mother, who died of a drug overdose in 2007.

“It’s actually terrifying,” said the source. “This new pile of money will catapult Dannielynn from being well-off to super-rich.

“People around her need to remember she may have the same genetic predisposition to alcoholism and drug addiction that killed her mother.

“Once she’s older and gets control of the money, she may run wild with it. On the surface, this win looks like a blessing from heaven, but it could someday lead her into the hell of addiction.”