TALK about a patriot! JENNIFER ANISTON’s ailing mom broke a bone in her upper arm near the shoulder on election night but still managed to vote!

Nancy Dow, 76, was with a caretaker at the Rio Vista Elementary School polling station in North Hollywood, Calif., when she took a nasty fall while walking into the building to vote.

Nancy, who still suffers the effects of a 2011 stroke, “went down hard on the steps of the school, and when she was helped up by her caretaker, she was in excruciating pain,” revealed a source.

“She cried out, ‘My shoulder, my shoulder,’ and the quick-thinking caretaker bundled her up and rushed her to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in nearby Burbank. Doctors examined Jen’s mother, administered treatment and released her.

“Although she was still in pain, Nancy demanded that her care­taker rush her back to the voting place before it closed so she could cast her vote for president.”

Nancy’s shoulder injury is one of many serious medical issues she’s suffered. Her stroke left her partially debilitated on her right side, and she requires a cane to walk, said the source.

“She said she wasn’t going to let her shoulder keep her from the polls in such an important election,” said the source. “But she later learned it was a hairline fracture and needed surgery, so she went back into the hospital.”