Tori Spelling boycotted the 10th year reunion of her old show “Beverly Hills, 90210” because her bitter rival Shannen Doherty took part in the special.

That’s the word from sources close to the actress, who say Tori is eaten up with jealousy over the fact that her television producer dad, Aaron Spelling, gave Shannen her successful WB Network show while Tori flounders in a series of unspectacular projects.

“Tori is in no mood to share billing with Shannen,” said an insider. “She doesn’t like her.

“And Tori resents that FOX never came through with a series for her after ‘90210,’ so she’s not about to go out of her way to help them with the reunion project.”

Although her official reason for skipping the special is that she’s moved on, sources say it’s more like diva Tori, 30, is having a snit fit.

“Tori is bitter about how her career has not progressed,” a source close to the actress told The ENQUIRER. “Her dad is one of the greatest TV producers ever, but even with his connections, Tori can’t seem to get her acting career on track. Yet Shannen got a second chance on Tori’s dad’s show, ‘Charmed’ — and that burns Tori up.”

Since “90210” wrapped up in May 2000, Tori has made several unspectacular television movies and played a small part in the big-screen film “Scary Movie 2.” She is now making two pilots for FOX, but the network hasn’t picked up either yet.

Meanwhile, the career of Tori’s arch enemy, Shannen, who bailed out of “90210” in 1994, is doing great. When Tori’s father, who is executive producer of the reunion special, invited Shannen back for the “90210” get-together, Tori was furious.

“When FOX told her that Shannen was participating, Tori turned them down right away,” the source said.