Fat actress Kirstie Alley on the warpath – against cyber bullies who’ve been targeting her teen daughter on Twitter.

Bad enough, Alley’s referred to as a human zeppelin  in her much publicized quest for weight loss  as The ENQUIRER had reported previously but the formerly svelte Cheers star is now up in arms!

Kirstie discovered Lillie, 15, had been receiving nasty messages on the haiku-like microblogging site, and urged the child to delete her account.

Then Kirstie began tapping in a series of counter Tweets: "What would you do to people who harass your children viciously on twitter?

"Since Blocking them is not working… somehow they have found a way around blocking… I’m going to request that my daughter leaves Twitter.

"I Would tell you who they are and where to find them. But they are so psychotic that I refuse to give them any power or attention… ignore."

Recently, as The ENQUIRER told you, Happy Days star Scott Baio was the recipient of cyber H8 after  he posted an unflattering pic of Obama‘s wife Michelle as a "joke".

That spewing of vitriol was forwarded to the FBI’s hate crimes unit.