Angelina Jolie makes peace – not war – with lover doll Brad Pitt as she buys him a super-secret Valentine’s Day gift.

Except we – and now YOU – know what it is.

She’s bought him an olive tree for Valentine’s Day and will present her goateed companion with the symbol of peace, longevity and stability at their Chateau Mirval estate in France.

This is supposed to quash long-standing rumors in the press about their feuding and fighting behind closed doors.

"Angelina bought it from a nursery called The English Garden Centre in Valbonne, near their house. It’s a very special tree and cost her a fortune," a source said.

The superstar thesps recently put on a PDA tour-de-force at the Super Bowl with their 8 year old adopted son Maddox in tow.

Immediately thereafter, Angie flew off to whirlwind goodwill tour to the Dominican Republic and returned to LA yesterday.