ANGELINA JOLIE is pushing BRAD PITT to dump his psychic of 10 years – infuriated that the millionaire superstar is taking “financial advice” from the spiritual guru, a source claims.

Renowned psychic Ron Bard has given Pitt countless readings, advising the actor on his love life, career choices, business decisions and even his children and family, claims the source.

“Ron was the one who advised Brad to get divorced from Jennifer Aniston,” a source told The National ENQUIRER.

“He was very blunt about it, and Brad really listens to Ron.”

But a no-nonsense Angelina is said to have “contempt and disdain” for Bard, says the source.

“She doesn’t like anybody in Brad’s ear,” said the source.

“It seems like she likes to have some control over Brad’s purse strings, and she doesn’t want a psychic giving ‘financial advice’ to him,” adds the source.

“Ron offered to help Angelina and give her readings, but she said no and was quite bitchy about it,” claims the source.

Bard, who calls himself the
“king of all psychics,” was recently overheard bragging at an L.A. party that he told Pitt to take the role of Mr. Smith in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” – the film where he met Angelina – as well as the role of Achilles in “Troy.”

“Ron doesn’t use any astrological charts for Brad (a Sagittarius), and thinks Angelina is a bitch for how she dismisses his work,” claimed the source.