Published on: August 14, 2013
Photography by: Splash News Online

Near-miss in epoch making AWKWARD moment as ANGELINA JOLIE & JENNIFER ANISTON nearly collide.

Reportedly, the two Tinsel Town queens who shared but one thing in common – Brad Pitt-- narrowly missed each other on a British Airways flight to London over the weekend.

Jen, 44, was reportedly scheduled to fly from Los Angeles to London Sunday night, but, according to an E! News source, her handlers discovered Angie, 38, would be on the same Transatlantic flight.

Heathrow airport emoloyee out two and two together, n oting the two high-profile celeb-u-babeses might have to trot down the same first-class aisles on the British Airways flight.

Hapless Heathrow took the liberty of informing Jen’s peeps.

The former "Friends" star's flight was changed to Monday, said the report.